About our Austin Podiatry Office

Movement and motion of the ankle and the foot – in running or walking is an impressive demonstration of movement dynamics. The foot and ankle is a complicated, original part of the body. There are 34 joints 30 bones, as well as a system of tendons, muscles, and ligaments that socialize for equilibrium and motion of the whole body, in addition to supports for all its weight.

At Austin Foot and Ankle Associates, we consider that patient and a physician become a team for treating a person ‘s feet. Each treatment plan starts with medical history and a complete assessment. When needed, lab tests and x-ray examinations are contained in the workup. Foot issues could be medicated surgically or conservatively. The palliative, or old, strategy, including skin debridement, physical therapy, orthotics, and reduced extremity gait analysis will create long-lasting or temporary alleviation. But in the event deformity or the pain remains, Austin Foot and Ankle uses state of the art processes and medical techniques.

We specialize in all forms of ankle and foot care:

Foot and ankle break
AmnioFix – Injectable Micronized Amniotic Membrane Allograft for Increased Soft Tissue Healing
Diagnostic ultrasound examinations

View patient interactional videos on surgical techniques and various treatments that we offer
EPAT (Extracorporeal Beat Activation Technology)
Endoscopic heel operation
Injury of the lower extremity

Analysis and specialized treatment of:
Flat feet
Fungus toenails
Geriatric Foot attention
Heel spurs
Ingrown nails
Orthotics for all sorts of shoes
Plantar fasciitis
Injury harms
Wound care
Workers’ comp injuries



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